Travelling In A Group?

Do you travel with family and friends?  Are you planning a destination wedding?  The thought of coordinating people from different states can be scary!! It is really a bonus if you have an experienced travel professional who can assist with the many details needed to provide a smooth and seamless travel experience for all included.

Did you know that there are river cruises that only require 5 cabins to be considered a group?  What would be your reason for wanting a US river cruise?  The three reasons are the smoothness of the water, the desire not to have to travel to Europe (changing planes and trains and currency conversion is avoided) and have the  experience of delving into the history of our great country!  Add to that not being forced to share the experience with 6,000 strangers!

The pace of a river cruise, at just 7 miles per hour, enables you to visit the small towns along the rivers and not miss a photo because you are travelling at 22 knots past a point of interest.

American Queen Steamship Company can provide cruises on the Mississippi, the Ohio, the Tennessee, the Cumberland, and the Columbia and Snake Rivers, so the choice is yours. Good food, good company and being exposed to the history of our country.

For more information please contact us! We have the experience with groups!

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